Mary (McKay) Smart, 1894-1976

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Mary can be seen in the group photo of the 1976 McKay gathering in Aberdeen (click here to go to that photo on the McKay group photos page) and there are more recently obtained photos (supplied by Mary’s great granddaughter Linda Smith from Peterhead in 2022) to be seen also on this page now.

Robert, Mary’s youngest son, is also pictured on the same page with his wife ‘Muddy’ (Margaret).  Robert and Muddy are seen at the wedding of Linda Smith, their granddaughter.  Robert and Muddy visited Canada in the 1980’s and spent some time with Robert and Maria McKay in Saskatchewan.

Mary’s family are seen in the chart below, and to see the grandchildren in the family click here.   Some photos and, where possible, family context have been supplied below the chart.

Mary McKay and Alexander Smart

Son Sandy Smart with sister-in-law ‘Muddy’ (Bert’s wife)

Mary (Maisie) McKay,  and with husband Henry Wilson

Bert Smart & sister Mary (Maisie) Wilson              also, Bert and Muddy


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