William McKay, Glenlivet 1790

Around 1845 William, Marjory and family (daughter Jane, and sons Peter  and James) left The Braes of Glenlivet and settled at Lockers, in the Aultmore district of Banffshire, where they built a house on Lockers croft and cultivated, initially, approximately 15 acres of land.

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William died June 30th 1863 at Lockers croft from constipation of the bowels.  Buried in Keith cemetery Section number 336 which is of ground extent 7ft 6 ins.  There are fourteen other persons buried there in three different graves, all with a connection to Lockers.

John 1814-1816

Baptised 23rd April 1814.

Peter 1815-1879

Born 4th November 1815 and baptised on the 5th.  Buried in Keith cemetery.

John 1817-

Born 10th September, baptised 13th September.

Robert 1818-

Born 2nd December, baptised 28th December.  Continued farming in Glenlivet (to be confirmed).

James 1821-1859

13th March 1821 (baptism date) to April 9th 1859 (burial date).  Buried in Keith cemetery.

William 1822-

No confirmed details, yet.

Jane 1827-1859

Migrated to Lockers and died there of consumption on 7th April 1859 (the death record incorrectly names her mother as Stewart rather than Stuart but it mentions Lockers as place of death), but there is no record of her burial in Keith Cemetery in the lair named as belonging to William Snr.

Alf McKay contends that Jane actually returned to Glenlivet and died much later than 1859 according to Moray records, but the author has, so far, been unable to authenticate that.

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