William Lynch (Donegal)

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Not much information is as yet available due to the fact that William and his wife Grace Dongherty were born and married (and lived thereafter) in Ireland before the brick-wall year 0f 1850, brick-wall in the sense that historic records prior to 1850 may not exist either in Ireland or Scotland. The ancestry trail goes cold around that time.

Their son Patrick migrated from Donegal to Glasgow prior to meeting and marrying Mary McKenzie (from Moville, Donegal) in 1844.

William is documented in Patrick’s Scottish death record as a ‘Small Farmer’, taken to mean he was a crofter, at this stage presumed to be resident in the vicinity of Carndonagh, County Donegal (the Scottish Census record for the year 1871 shows son Patrick came from – was born in – Carndonagh).

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