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Wider McKay Family Contacts

Here listed are contacts with McKay family links who have contributed, or have found the website, or an older version of it, and been in touch.  Note that no non-McKay (Coull, Lynch, Gordon or other) contacts have been identified, yet.

NB: For anyone who had previously accessed my older website be aware that it is now permanently decomissioned and replaced with this one.

  • 2019: Alf McKay, Weston Super Mare, England. Son of Alfred McKay born at Lockers croft.  He and son Blair have also been researching the family and very usefully contributed to this website.
  • 2019: Robin Maria (McKay) Ganshorn, Canada.   Granddaughter of Robert McKay, who was born at Lockers to George and Mary McKay and who emigrated 1926.
  • 2018: Linda Smith, Peterhead, Scotland.   Granddaughter of Mary McKay, who was born at Lockers to George and Mary McKay.
  • 2017: James Gordon, Edinburgh. Interesting historic links through marriage traceable to Asher and other families from e.g. Alves and North-East Scotland.
  • 2016: Jean McKay, Ontario, Canada. (born Aberdeen, Scotland).  Granddaughter (Great x 6(?)) of Peter McKay of Clashnore whom we share as Grandfather (Great x 4 for the author).
  • 2015: Caroline Symon, location unknown.  Possibly made contact after hitting the website with an interest in Keith Cemetery and not specifically a family contact.  Contact lost.
  • 2014: Sylvia Carter, New Zealand.  Daughter of Mina McKay(daughter of Alfred from Lockers) and Chris Warmington who emigrated 1965.  Unable to maintain email contact after initial email received from Sylvia, unfortunately – email address changed perhaps ?

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Retirement – 1st year 2018

1st January 2019 saw the first anniversary of retirement for both of us. More or less settled into the routine as pensioners. Karen currently volunteers two days a week in Foodbank administration in Edinburgh, and Bill does the Edinburgh foodbank website maintenenance on a voluntary basis, but from the comfort of home.

  • February – visit to Krakow in Poland.
  • March – Spring Harvest in Harrogate, Yorkshire.
  • April – Karen started as Assistant Assembly Officer for Church of Scotland General Assembly.
  • May – Change of car, Citroen C4 Picasso.
  • August – old website domain ( decomissioned, replaced by this one,   Selective transfer and/or re-work of old website content ongoing, with new content being added, slowly, where possible.
  • October – Florence, Italy.
  • November – Friend Janet Anderson, Deaconess in Church of Scotland, died in her beloved Skye homeland
  • December – Brompton, Yorkshire for Christmas.
  • December – Bill started as Church of Scotland Presbytery Elder representing Kirkliston in the Presbytery of Edinburgh (as well as Session Elder at Kirkliston).  Karen is now ‘balancing elder’ at Presbytery for Kirkliston in addition to CoS Assembly Officer and Session Elder at Kirkliston.

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August 2018