Bill’s Individual Family TimeLine

View this timeline by scrolling down and up as necessary.   Key births and deaths events are shaded light red, with red or black borders accordingly.  Other milestones are shaded as standard blue/green background with no border.

  • Dec 31, 2017

    Bill Retires From Work

    Edinburgh's financial sector IT systems can now sort themselves out without Bill's expertise in software development and testing.

    Goodbye finally to ...

    • Aegon UK, Edinburgh (Pensions and Savings)
    • Ceridian UK, Glasgow (Payroll and Pensions)
    • Royal Bank of Scotland, Edinburgh & Amsterdam (Financial Systems)
    • IBM /Maersk Data, Copenhagen (Shipping Systems)
    • Standard Life Assurance Company, Edinburgh (Pensions and Insurance)
    • Kingston SCL, Port Glasgow, Edinburgh, Hong Kong (Mobile Billing Systems)
  • Mar 30, 2009

    Norris Dies (Bill's 2nd oldest Brother)

    Norris dies in Elgin, at home.

  • Sep 17, 2007

    Norris Dies (Bill's Father)

    Norris (Roger) dies in Elgin's Dr. Gray's hospital

  • Jan 3, 2007

    Lizzie Dies (Bill's Mother)

    Lizzie dies in Elgin's Dr. Gray's hospital

  • Apr 17, 2006

    Brian Dies (Bill's nearest brother)

    Brian dies in Glasgow.  Cremated at Linn Crematorium in Glasgow, service conducted by Janet Anderson, Deaconess in the Church of Scotland and friend of Bill and Karen.   

  • Jan 27, 1990

    Bill marries Karen Lynch

    They met when Bill worked as a programmer in IT at the Queen's College, Glasgow, where Karen was a Receptionist and had worked there many years.  Karen was born in Melbourne Street in the city centre's Dennistoun area.

  • Aug 30, 1982

    Bill Changes Career - Computing Beckons

    Following the lure of technology challenge and financial carrots, change of career to I.T. systems programmer.   First exposure to Fortran programming was with the Met. Office.

  • Aug 11, 1969

    Bill Starts Working Life - Meteorological Office

    At the tender age of sixteen, thrown into 'adult' life much too young (voluntarily) straight from school when joining the Scientific Civil Service (Air Ministry) to work for the Meteorological Office.  First posting - RAF Pitreavie Castle Search and Rescue HQ, Dunfermline.

  • Feb 20, 1953

    Bill is born

    Turner Memorial Hospital Keith, home at North Bogbain farm near Keith.  

  • Jun 15, 1950

    John McKay Dies (Bill's GrandFather)

    John McKay dies at Montgrew Farm (actual date is unknown currently, whereas the year is accurate).

  • Jan 18, 1941

    Norris marries Elizabeth Coull

    The wedding was in Keith's Commercial Hotel in Mid Street.  Deep snow ushered in the event, and time was spent in the few days following the wedding with Ivy and Sandy Morrison (Norris's sister and her man) at Dyke in Morayshire.

  • Nov 12, 1917

    Norris Masson Ellington McKay is born (Bill's Father)

    Norris (Roger) is born at Montgrew Farm, the seventh child of fourteen, thirteen of whom survived into adulthood.

  • Jun 15, 1915

    George McKay Dies (Bill's Great GrandFather)

    George McKay dies at Lockers Croft (actual date is unknown currently, whereas the year is accurate).  He is said to be the only family member who was born, lived, and died at Lockers.  It is known he travelled across the country away from home on occasion in order to trade horses and/or cattle.

  • Jun 15, 1885

    John McKay is born (Bill's GrandFather)

    John McKay is born at Lockers Croft near Newmill, which is now probably subsumed under Oxwell Farm and next to Followsters Farm.  John's mother and father (George and Mary) first knew each other as neighbours as Mary Newlands' family were in Followsters.

    The year of birth is accurate, the actual date of birth uncertain currently.

  • Jan 14, 1882

    George marries Mary Newlands

    The wedding was in Keith.  Mary Newlands was born in the Slateford area of Edinburgh, her Father having served as a policeman there until returning to his 'native homeland' in the Northeast to work ultimately as a cobbler or shoemaker.  Mary Newlands resided at Followsters before marrying George.

  • Oct 12, 1862

    George McKay is born (Bill's GrandFather)

    George McKay is born at Lockers Croft near Newmill, 12th October 1862,

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