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Edinburgh Visit, May 2024 – Canada & Keith Borns

L-R: Debbie (McKay) Briere, Bill, Robin (McKay) Ganshorn, and Bill’s wife Karen outside incorrectly named (mis-spelled) hostelry on the Royal Mile.  Debbie and Robin are sisters from Saskatchewan.

Shelly Thierman Gallery

Shelly is descended from Robert McKay of Lockers croft and Mary Cowie through his daughter Sheila (McKay) Berger who still lives in Moose Jaw.  There are now five living generations in Shelly’s line all born in Canada.  An educated guess derived from these photos is that Shelly’s man Greg is or was a ‘Mountie’ in his working life (happy to be corrected Shelly).

In the wedding brunch photo for Jacey and Jackson are the following people;   Jenna Kern (grandaughter), Shannon Eberts (daughter), Tim Deming (Shannon’s partner), Greg Thierman (Shelly’s man), Shelly McKay Thierman, Jackson Terris (the groom), Jacey Terris nee Parker (bride and grandaughter), Janelle Eberts (daughter, Jacey’s mother), Chris (Janelle’s partner).

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McKay – Morrison – Allan

Hover hotspots to reveal names.  Taken 1967 at Dyke, near Forres.

The Allans

Willie and Ivy (McKay)) with Dave, June & Rona

L-R … David, Rona, Ivy (McKay), June, Willie
Elgin McKays November 2019 (4 of 6 to Roger and Lizzie)
Gordon, Alison, Robert, Billy
McKay & Allan Children Circa 1963

Roger and Lizzie’s younger trio, and cousin June Allan at Seafield Farm near Forres, accompanied by the Austin A40 for some reason.

Brian and Billy at the rear (note the curly ginger heads which lasted until teen years), and June Allan with Alison to her left.

Rona and Karen
Montgrew Great Granddaughters CatchUp – 2019

Karen Hart on the right, daughter of Norris and Doreen McKay, married to Peter Hart, lives in Stirling. Granddaughter of Roger (Norris) and Lizzie McKay of Elgin, latterly.

Rona Allan on the left, daughter of William and Ivy Allan, partner to Iain McPherson, lives in Perth.  Granddaughter to Ivy (McKay) and Sandy Morrison of Dyke.


Veronica and Len Mackie Gallery

Veronica is daughter to Mary (McKay) and John Mann from Keith.  Left-click on photos to invoke the gallery view.  Click again to close it.


McKay Reunion 1976, Lang Stracht Hotel, Aberdeen

 The evening happened as a result of a remark made by Alex McKay when he was in Aberdeen on a visit from Australia in 1976.  His sister Ella Scott (Roslin St., Aberdeen) organised the reunion.  There were 4 generations totalling 112 adults and children.  All McKays present were descendents of George McKay, Lockers Croft, Newmill.  His two surviving children (out of 10) at the time of the photograph are Alfie, and Mary Smart.

Among them were visitor’s from Canada, Gladys Eyres (daughter of Robert McKay of Lockers before emigration) and husband Gordon Eyres from British Columbia.  This was her first visit to the North-east in 50 years since emigrating to Canada with her father and mother in 1926.

Alex McKay and Ella Scott, mentioned above, were children of Frank McKay who was killed in a rail accident.  Alex married Bessie Walker.


McKay Reunion 1980, Great Northern Hotel, Aberdeen

The photograph copy is not of the best quality, but hopefully good enough to help identify most people in it.  In the interests of accuracy rather than guessing because of the quality, some people although probably known have not been named.  It is possible some of those named may be inaccurate.  Any confirmations or corrections received by the author (use the contact page if possible) will be updated on this picture and/or elsewhere in the website.


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McKays and McKidds 1976

John McKay, Hugh McKay, George McKidd & Ella McKidd with Alfred and Margaret & children 1976

Elgin McKays 2nd Generation, 2016

Elgin McKays 3rd Generation, 2016

Bert & Muddy (Margaret) Smart 1987


Bert Smart was a son of Mary Smart (McKay) and grandson of George McKay of Lockers.

He and Muddy, here taken at the wedding of George & Linda Smith (Findlay), were Grandparents to Linda, whose mother was Bertha Findlay (Smart), married to Bill Findlay.

Linda and  George Smith live in Peterhead.


At the Hairst

Montgrew, possibly 1940’s, with Peter Bonniman’s Threshing Mill

Roger, Gordon, and Gordon Jnr.

Gordon, left,  Norris (Roger), and Gordon Jnr. on young Gordon’s wedding day.

MacKenzies and McKays, Elgin 1983

Alfred and Margaret McKay

Golden Wedding 1972, Dee Motel Aberdeen

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