Patrick Lynch b. 1861

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Patrick and Catherine married in 1890 in St.Andrew’s cathedral, Clyde Street, Glasgow.  He was a journeyman blacksmith and Catherine a fruit dealer at the time.  He was not literate and signed the marriage certificate with his ‘mark’ (x) in view of witnesses Daniel Marmion and Elizabeth Lynch, as did Catherine.

When Patrick and Catherine married they both resided at 122 Saltmarket, Glasgow.

Catherine’s father Thomas Gough was a brickwork labourer. Her mother was Bridget McCabe.  Both parents were deceased when Patrick and Catherine married.

Son, Patrick Lynch Jnr. was born at Dyer’s Lane, Glasgow, situated next to and South of the church of St. Andrews in the Square, between London Road and Saltmarket.

Alexander Lynch was born at No.25 St. Andrews Square.  More detail on Alexander can be seen on his own page on this website (link at the top of this page).  He married twice and had children from both marriages.

There is as yet no information on the girls, Mary Ann and Catherine.

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