Memoriam Poem George McKay

Handed down to the author by a McKay cousin, this short but well-constructed poem is a tribute to his Great Grandfather George McKay of Lockers Croft by someone (R. Leslie Moir) who was clearly a good friend, with a keen sense of spirituality.

IN MEMORIAM – Mr. George McKay of Lockers, passed away at Glen of Newmill on Sunday 2nd May (1915):-

Farewell, friend George, your race on earth is run,
No more your stalwart form shall tread our streets.
No more towards the Glen at set of sun.
Your sun-brown, weather-treated visage meets
The neighbour's cheery nod, or gladly greets
The housewife's smile, or watch-dog's deep-mouthed bay;
Old friend, your old friend's heart still kindly beats
In memory of a byegone day
That you and I together spent: now gone for aye!
And yet, friend George, in some strange, unknown hour
Once more your honest hand may clasp my own!
Some day the great unfathomable Power
That keeps the living and the dead in tone,
Will guide me on the same path you have gone,
And take me safely o'er the silent Bar,
that Bar which mortal man must cross alone!
To regions where dim eyes grow clearer far,
And I shall know you, old friend, as you are.


Turner Hospital, Keith

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