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This page is a holder for various items which have been classified as ‘Miscellany’, the origin of which is sometimes uncertain – unknown or forgotten maybe, but perhaps still of interest as historic family artefacts.

A great deal has been mentioned of Montgrew farm (affectionately known as ‘Growies’) as well as Lockers Croft and the area of Glenlivet over the years, much less so now that the generation who actually were born and brought up there have regrettably passed.  Any reference to these places now and especially Lockers which precedes Montgrew in the family timeline, is as a means of remembrance on their behalf.

The Montgrew Poem (click to view):  This is an item marked as “Obtained in 1983 on a visit to Robert Smart in Perth”.  When first obtained from John McKay in Forres (circa 2012 ?), the author didn’t know who Robert Smart was.  This website can now testify that Robert Smart is a son of Mary McKay, daughter of George McKay of Lockers.  It was annotated with the words “With respect of an old friend, K.L.C.M.F. (Keith Loon, Central Mediterranean Forces 1941 or 1942)”.  The ‘old friend’ however is anonymous.  At a guess, the soldier was serving in Italy or, more likely, North Africa where sandy dug-outs would have been the order of the day.

Update July 2019: A typed sheet with the poem and the following information was found after being buried in a file for some time… “This was given to me in 1983 when Bob and I visited Robert Smart in Perth, thought you might enjoy reading it.  Hope I got the words right. Maria”.  The author thinks it safe to assume that Bob and Maria are the Canadian cousins, the parents of Robin Ganshorn who has contributed the Canadian family tree to this website who must have visited Scotland in that year. That fact is supported by the photo of ‘McKays and Mackenzies’ in the group photos page of this website, taken in 1983. (anyone know who took the photo?)

A Tribute In Memory of George McKay (click to view):  A poetic memoriam by a good friend and contemporary of George.

Anonymous Items e.g. poetry (click to view).

Nomenclature and Glenlivet (click to view). There are instances of unusual names assigned to McKays over the years and whilst this has been seen as harmless or idiosyncratic fun it raises an interesting topic which has at least some historic basis for unconventional given names, it would seem.  This content may just be the ramblings of an idle mind with no direct bearing on family history, but it does have at least some relevance for anyone interested in where we came from.

Music (click here to view and listen):  The McKays from Montgrew had an ear for music and there are some Scottish tunes composed by one or more of them you can enjoy here.  Roger played Scots Fiddle and often would include bagpipe tunes in his repertoire.


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