Karen Lynch b.1956

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This anchor page for the Lynch family relates to Karen Winifred Fraser Lynch, married to the author of this website Bill McKay since 1990.

  • Karen's summary paternal Lynch family tree can be viewed by clicking here.
  • Karen's summary maternal Gordon family tree can be traced by starting here.

Some individual family pages for both of the above trees can also be accessed via the appropriate main menu options for this website.

More information on Karen and the Lynch family to be added soon.

Bill and Karen are members and elders in the Church of Scotland (Karen has a lifetime of dedication with almost 40 years as an elder, Bill 25 years a member and 22 years an elder, as at 2019), and devotees to its hierarchy and systematic doctrine, including confession of faith in The Holy Spirit and The Communion of Saints, amongst other specific declarations.

Karen is Assembly Officer at the Church of Scotland annual General Assembly in Edinburgh.  Click here and look for Karen (at the very start of the video) in action at the General Assembly, opening business for the day with the ritual sounding of the gong.  Also to be seen here below standing to the right of the Moderator, at the end of the communion table and in full voice at the GA as Communion gets underway (click to enlarge, click again to resume page).

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