John McKay, b.1940

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John was the 9th of 12 children born to Alfred and Margaret. He gave up farm life and entered the R.A.F. fairly young, retiring from service as a Senior N.C.O., having served in various posts in the UK and abroad (e.g. Germany).

You will see on John’s related family pages on this website reference to his oldest brother Alfred who was killed in action over Holland in 1944. John has co-written or contributed to a book by local Dutch historian Theo van de Mortel, a brief history of the story, which has been published in the Dutch language, along with Jan Berkers who was a 10-year-old eyewitness to the crash. More information about the bomber and the memorial can be found in the Dutch book “Nachtvlucht over de Peel” by Theo van de Mortel, ISBN 978-90-5345-374-2.

An now outdated picture of John McKay with wife and family (taken in 1976?) along with parents and some birth family siblings can be seen from the ‘McKay Group Photos’ link via the right margin of this page.

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