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The start, or anchor page for Canadian links, relates to Robert McKay who emigrated to Saskatchewan, Canada, around 1926 or 1928 with a young family.  There were others who went to Canada around the same time or later (James for example, son of John, who returned to Scotland before marrying). There are others who went to Canada from Scotland and have blossoming families there, emigrating more recently in the 1970’s (approximately) and who still visit Scotland occasionally.

The one and only known visit to Scotland by ‘uncle Rob’ (as he was known to the website author although actually his father’s uncle) after emigration was a lone visit in the 1960’s during which he spent some time with surviving members of his close family. I remember his stay with my (father Roger’s) family fairly clearly. His travel arrangements included a return journey across the Atlantic on The Queen Mary, but I do not recall the total length of his stay in Scotland.  He spent a night or two with us at Seafield near Forres, as well as with his brother Alfred.

Uncle Rob is pictured below standing second from the right, next to his mother Mary.  His father George had died in 1915, Mary lived on until 1944.

Marriage of Alfred McKay, 2nd June 1922

Back Row – Ma & Pa Thomson (Alfie’s in-laws); Robert McKay (Uncle Rob); Great Granny Mary McKay
Front Row – Liz Thomson (Alfie’s sister-in-law); Margaret; Alfie; Mina Thomson; Ella McKay

If family tree(s) information can be obtained from Canada it will be included within this website when appropriate.

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