Alexander Lynch 1893-1952

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Alexander Lynch married Catherine Weir in 1913 and they had 11 children, shown in the tree below.  NB: It had been thought this was Catherine McNeill Weir but on review most likely to have been mis-identification.  If more information clarifies that then this page will be updated accordingly.

Alexander and Catherine married in the Camlachie Church of Scotland.  His address is given as 30 Barrowfield Street, and Catherine shown as living at 24 Barrowfield Street.  Alexander’s father Patrick is shown as being employed as a lock and hinge maker (blacksmith).  His mother’s name is misspelled as Goff rather than Gough.

Catherine’s father Andrew Weir was deceased by the time of the marriage but had been a shoemaker to trade in his day. Her mother’s birth name was Catherine Barr.

Alexander – Barrowlands Uniform








GF Alexander Lynch

In 1950, Alexander (aged 56) re-married following the death of Catherine, to Winifred Glen (aged 39) when they both resided at 36 Torphine Crescent, Glasgow.  They had two children.  Alexander at that time was a Commissionaire (doorman or janitor), Winifred a draper shop assistant.  They married in the RC church of St.Paul’s.

Winifred father was Richard Glen who worked as a floor layer.  Her mother was Bridget, whose maiden name was Jordan.

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